• VII Ruta de la Tapa Erótica in Fuengirola

    VII Ruta de la Tapa Erótica in FuengirolaAbout 100 different restaurants and bars participate this year in the 7th Ruta de la Tapa Erótica, the “Erotic Tapas route” in Fuengirola (Costa del Sol) until the 15th of November.

    Starting October 30 and going on for two weeks, a new edition of The Erotic Tapas Route will take place in Fuengirola this year. This has become, in the last years, a very interesting activity for locals as well as tourists that can enjoy the delicious Spanish gastronomy in a different and fun way. One hundred restaurants are involved until November 15 in this “Ruta”, an initiative for which 50,000 “tapas passports” in English and Spanish will be given for the participants in the different hotels, bars and restaurants of the city.

    Each of the restaurants that participate are supposed to make a sensual and fun tapa dish, and this special dish will be available for the customers during the days set. The customers can get their “tapas passports” stamped in all the places where they go for tapas, it is a fun way to eat tapas as you can try and get the stamps from all the restaurants participating. If you deliver the passport with all the stamps in the Tourist Office of Fuengirola, you will get a surprise gift too. The customers can also vote for the best tapa award, so all the bars and restaurants are participating in the contest of the best tapa.  (more…)

  • Les Cubes Marbella – Golden Mile

    Kalinka Malinka - Les Cubes MarbellaThree different atmospheres in a small and unique area in Marbella, that’s what Les Cubes is.

    Elegant, versatile and great ambience with views of the Mediterranean Sea, Les Cubes is a unique place in Marbella that combines three different environments, one in each cube, all exquisite.

    These three spaces have different names and all are perfect for different kind of occasions, for example TO BE OR NOT TO BE is a drinks lounge, where you can start with a cocktail or aperitif and finish with a fine drink to the beat of great music in a relaxed atmosphere from one o’clock until after midnight without interruption. The same opening timings are for KALINKA MALINKA, where you can enjoy a casual or more informal lunch in a relaxed environment or dinner with tapas. This is neither a restaurant, nor a bar or a café, it’s a mix of all of them so you can enjoy anything at any time with amazing views. They offer a diverse high profile variety of international teas and coffees and they also have a variety of cigars as well as the traditional sheeshas (hookahs).  (more…)

  • Botanical gardens “La Concepcion” in Málaga

    Botanical gardens La Concepcion in MálagaLa Concepcion is one of the most important botanical gardens in Europe, with a great collection of different trees and flowers. A must visit for all flora lovers.

    The Historic Botanical Garden La Concepcion is a garden of English style landscape with over a hundred years of history. Located at the northern entrance of the Spanish city of Malaga, it is one of the few gardens with plants of subtropical climate that exists in Europe. It has more than fifty thousand plants, two thousand tropical, subtropical and indigenous species, highlighting the collection with over a hundred different species of palms, bamboo, aquatic plants and its historic garden.

    It was originally owned by a ranch family of gentry of the city from the mid-nineteenth century. In 1943 it was officially declared historical artistic garden, currently considered a Cultural Interest ,until in 1990 became publicly owned, with the City of Malaga who founded to manage the Municipal Botanical Trust.  (more…)

  • Museum of Bonsai of Marbella

    Museum of Bonsai of MarbellaThe Bonsai Museum is located in Marbella, and is considered one of the best in Europe. Among its attractions, figures the most important collection of wild olive trees in the world.

    The Museum of Bonsai of Marbella, a pioneer in Spain, was founded in 1992. The central “patio” of the museum is designed in a square shape around a large central rock where numerous specimens grow.

    There is a magnificent collection of bonsai, recognized as one of the most important in Europe, with an outstanding collection of olives of 200, 300 and 400 years, it is a unique collection that is displayed in the world. Among its jewels there is a copy of a specimen called “the Bull” (el toro), a juniper tree over 400 years old, which was remodeled in 2003 by the renowned master Maximum Bandera.  (more…)

  • Fuengirola Feria 6-12 October 2015

    Fuengirola Feria 6-12 October 2015The FERIA is an annual festivities week that take place in many towns in Andalusia, being the next one in Fuengirola (Costa del Sol) from 6 to 12 October this year.

    The most famous ferias of Spain are the “feria de Abril” in Seville, and the Malaga feria that takes place in august. But there are many other smaller ferias taking place in almost every town and city in Andalusia during different times of the year.

    The feria of Fuengirola will take place this year on the fairgrounds from 6 to 12 October in honor of the patron saint of Fuengirola and perpetual mayoress, Our Lady the Virgin of the Rosary – Virgen del Rosario.  (more…)