• Buying property in Mallorca

    Anyone who has been to Spain indeed knows what a breathtaking site the country is. Spain is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations and residing places. It has a variety of options in terms of places to rent or buy property. If you are looking to buy or rent property in Mallorca, immobilienmakler auf mallorca is an able and reliable agency to buy or rent from. Previous property buyers can attest to that. Their services are exemplary and offer customer satisfaction.

  • Die besten Casinos der Costa Del Sol im Jahr 2018

    Die Glücksspielbranche entwickelt sich weltweit weiter. Jahr für Jahr werden neue Casinos aus dem Boden gestampft. Dies zeigt sich auch an der Tatsache, dass die Umsätze weltweit stetig wachsen.

    Insbesondere sind es die Online und Offline Casinos. Online sind nahezu jeden Tag neue Casino Anbieter zu finden. Ähnlich sieht die Lage in den Offline Casinos aus. Eines der besten deutschen Online Casinos ist das Ovocasino. Die Menschen haben aufgrund der guten Wirtschaftslage mehr Geld und möchten eine schöne Zeit genießen.

    Tief im Süden Spaniens liegt die Costa del Sol. Die Küste wird Jahr für Jahr von Touristen aufgesucht und dort gibt es viele Möglichkeiten, um die Freizeit so spannen wie möglich zu gestalten. Neben vielen Freizeitparks, Wandermöglichkeiten und einem intensiven Nachtleben, gibt es dort auch eine Reihe von Casinos.  (more…)

  • Carnival in Malaga 2016 – 30th January to 7th Febraury

    Carnival in Malaga 2016The typical spanish party “carnaval” will be taking place in Malaga from 30th January to 7th Febraury this year.

    Carnival is a celebration originally from Rome that extended through all of Europe during the Middle Ages. It is one of most popular pagan’s holidays and most celebrated in the world right now, being the most popular event of the year in cities like Venice (Italy) or all over Brazil.

    Carnival in Spain are not as esthetically beautiful as in Venice or don’t have the traditional music and dance folklore as in Brazil, it is still a charming event full of vibrant costumes, masks, smiles and fun where you can dress up as superheroes, pirates, clowns or anything that you can think of. People of all ages take the chance to be someone else and dress up for Carnival, celebrating these holidays in the streets during the day and the night too.  (more…)

  • La Alcazaba Hills Lagoons resort by Crystal Lagoons

    La Alcazaba Hills Lagoons resort by Crystal Lagoons

    The first super huge pool in Europe comes to the Costa del Sol, being part of a super resort. The pool will be build by the Crystal Lagoon.

    The phenomenon of artificial lagoons which counts with the investments of the largest resorts in the world arrives to Europe. Costa del Sol will have the privilege of being the first Spanish and European location to count with this type of huge lagoon, to be constructed within a resort in the town Casares, near the coast of Estepona and Malaga.  (more…)

  • Senda litoral de Mijas – Mijas coastal footpath

    Senda litoral de Mijas - Mijas coastal footpathSenda Litoral is the name for the coastal path that links Mijas (La Cala) to Marbella.

    Mijas coastal path already spans almost all its coastal zone, a stretch of almost 6 km linking La Cala de Mijas and Marbella. The project is promoted by the Council of Malaga and aims to connect the coastal 180 km of Malaga. The current path in Mijas is a wooden path that will alternate with compacted earth sections so the cleaning and emergency vehicles can pass by easily.

    The whole path runs parallel to the sea, with a wide space between 4 and 6 meters, enough for both pedestrians and cyclists, with access to the beaches and with different levels: some high, others at ground level.  (more…)