Puente de Inmaculada – Time for a break!

Puente de Inmaculada - Time for a break!Say what you will about Spanish mentality, when it comes to R&R and work/rest balance they know what they’re talking about. Take this upcoming “puente” for example. For those not in the know, a “puente” – literal translation “bridge” – is an extra days holiday.

Case in point, Monday 6th of December is the Día de La Constitución Española and also the 8th is La Inmaculada Concepción. Therefore, what most Spanish have come accustomed to doing is taking one extra days holiday in between these two “festivos” (public holidays) – therefore effectively “bridging” the gap and walking away with 3 days holiday, for the price of one!

Around this time, the Spanish travel agents go crazy, trying to out-do each other on prices – as most Spanish families book a long weekend away somewhere nice to really take advantage of these “free” days. Usually, families will not venture abroad for these “puentes”, and merely book a stay in a balneario (resort) a couple of towns away.

For a bit of history: La Inmaculada is considered to be the Patron Saint of Spain, although more popularly, La Virgen del Pilar is also considered thus. The Día de La Constitución Española commemorates the day that the Constitutional Referendum was signed in 1978. This referendum replaced the many constitutional laws which were in place when Spain was under the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco (1947-1975).

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