Beware Travellers Cheque Scam

Beware Travellers Cheque ScamPaper-readers are being warned to be on alert for some job advertisements that are appearing in local newspapers promising a monthly income. The seemingly benign job offer actually turns out to be cashing travellers cheques in Spain.

Some women in various parts of Southern Spain who have answered the ads and applied for positions now think they have become victims of a possible scam. And as a result of this, they are now believed to be involved in police investigations.

One such woman – a British expatriate – has been allegedly held and questioned by the Guardia Civil in Almeria. She is alleged to have responded by email to the job ad and was consequently offered commission for encashing travellers cheques at a Spanish bank. The bank in question contacted the authorities to check whether the cheques were authentic, believing them to be highly suspect.

Police have refused to comment on the incidences, however these and other reports have been confimed by usually reliable sources.

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