The Aura and Old World Charm in a Modern Vibrant City – Seville

Plaza de España in SevilleLocated in Southern Spain, Seville is the provincial capital and the most popular part of the Iberian Peninsula. With loads of history, the city has plenty to offer to its visitors. Holidays in Seville are surely a delight. Besides the rich history and its important role in the conquest and discovery of America, Seville also has amazing artistic splendors that date back to the 17th century. These are surely a delight to art lovers. If you are planning a holiday in Seville, you must stay for 3 days to do complete justice to the place.

The beautiful place, which has gifted talented painters and sculptors like Velazquez and Martinez Montanez to the world and is the birth place of Don Juan myth, has many things to offer you when it comes to attractions and things-to-do. The modern effervescent city is simply a delight that you will love to explore it at your own pace. Here are some of the popular picks that you would love to enjoy. Simply book the Seville holiday rentals and make the most of this beautiful place.

Visit the Seville Cathedral

La Giralda tower in SevilleVisit the Seville CathedralThe cathedral is one of the most important and iconic landmarks of the city and is colossal in size. The huge majestic structure is only after St. Paul’s in London and St. Peter in Rome in size and was constructed in 1401-1507 on the site where Seville had the main Mosque. The profligately decorated interior is supposed to house the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Additionally, don’t miss out the breathtaking collection of timeless art by Murillo, Zurbaran and Goya. The adjoining tower, La Giralda dates back to the 12th century and you can climb up the 97 meters to get birds’ eye view of the vibrant city below. Of course don’t miss out the Archivo de Indias.

Enjoy the Alcazar

This fortress dates back to the Muslim era and in the past served as a hidey-hole for both the Christian and Muslim royals in troubled times. This is one of the best examples of Moorish architecture and an Andalucia gem, which beautifully portrays the rich history of Seville. With a predominant Mudejar architecture, this original Moorish fort is exquisitely designed. A visual treat to the visitors, Alcazar reflects a magnificent unity of architecture. It remains a unique fusion of Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic styles. The splendor of the rooms, the gardens, the patios does not fail to intrigue the visitors on their holidays in Seville.

The Roman Ruins

Just a little out Seville, you will love to see the ancient Roman ruins which has been extremely well preserved as no other city was built in its place. You can also enjoy the fascinating mosaics of the site in the Museum of Archaeology where they have been kept.

Of course your holidays in Seville will largely remain incomplete with feeling the main vive of the place. Yes! The flamenco heartbeat along with the numerous tapas restaurants which the city is attributed with, will present you unlimited choices- seafood, sausage, ham, cheese and vegetable. Choose the best ones to satiate your taste buds. You can also enjoy the pristine golden beaches in the nearby Huelva and Cadiz- which are some of the best in Spain.

With plenty of Seville holiday rentals and Seville hotels- you will find a lot of pocket friendly options.

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