Sisu Boutique Hotel Puerto Banus, Marbella

Sisu Boutique Hotel Puerto BanusFormerly known as The Lorcrimar Hotel & Novelli’s Restaurant it is now rebranded and reborn. After a Multi-Million Euro refurbishment and a change of management in 2010 the Sisu Boutique Hotel Puerto Banus, Marbella has been re-opened. The hotel consists of 54 rooms which have gone through a total re-fit. As well there are 9 totally new Suites (6 Junior & 3 Penthouse Suites) in the new Sisu Boutique Hotel offering you a choice of accommodation full of Funky designs & retro fittings. To compliment its beautiful beaches & vibrant nightlife Hip ‘n’ Chic accommodation has finally arrived in Puerto Banus. From the moment you step into the breathtaking Reception you will realise this is a new Marbella and a new style. Sisu Boutique Hotel Puerto Banus aims at your pleasure, whether on vacation or business. With your Room Key Card you gain VIP access and some unbelievable deals into some of Puerto Banus’ top day & night clubs like Sintillate & Cocoloco in TIBV, Ocean Club, Nikki Beach, Sky Lounge Pangea, Linekers & Port Side and Premier Lap Dancing. The Sisu Boutique Hotel looks like the new hotel for  funky party people in Puerto Banus.

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