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    location vacances espagne

    Marbella is one of the amazing beaches in Spain…That’s a good news that it again tops the list of best beaches in Spain…i too celebrated my last birthday here with my mate…

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    Quote” Journalists value Andalucia’s purely Spanish spirit”
    I have to ask what is the Spanish spirit? Spain is many counties in one this is a silly phrase and does not mean anything.
    Who are these guys who like the Spanish spirit of the designer shops in Puerto Banus?

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    i go to Marbella once in a while and have a night out, because is an cosmopolitan place. the beaches there are very modern & clean in compare with the most beaches of costa del sol, this for i think best beaches in spain, but if you search andalucien flair or spanish life you will be wrong. thats a bit sad!

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    Whilst the beaches in Marbella may be decent, what’s so good about designer shops and boutiques? You can find them anywhere and their presence does not distinguish a place from another. Surely the best beaches are those further west towards Cadiz or east of Malaga, from Nerja onwards. In these places there are real towns and real communities, which also have some fine beaches.

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