holiday trips to Southern Spain

holiday trips to Southern Spain and cheap hotelIf you are looking in to planning a holiday trip to Southern Spain, there are a few things you should know. When planning a vacation there is so much to consider. Families, food, transportation, entertainment, packing. The most important is how to get a great day on your hotel.

Remember things are different in Europe. They charge by the person and not by the room, like in America. Also there are many different types you can choose from. The beaches are also different. If you are planning on going to the beach you may have to pay for a chair or umbrella. You can use different online sites to find great deals and discounts on hotels. Even if you see a discount online, you can try calling the hotel and they might give you a better rate. Hotel owners in Spain like to negotiate and it is not considered impolite to ask for a discount. 

Package deals

These generally include everything including airfare, beach service, room and board, meals, and even beverages in some cases. There will usually be a discount for children. Things like outings, car rentals, or tours may not be included.

All full pension, half board, and bed and breakfast

Most hotels in spain offer breakfast. If you want only breakfast, then choose the bed and breakfast option. Full pension options may be available and will include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Half board works similarly, however instead of all three you will usually have breakfast and one other meal. Some hotels let you choose between lunch and dinner, others don’t. Check with the hotel prior to booking for more details. More than likely, beverages will not be included or will be limited. This can lead to extra charges at the end of your stay so be sure to budget for that.


This is the lowest cost option. Usually breakfast is not included. This option is also not recommended for families with children. Hostels are mainly for college students or backpackers who are travelling on a budget. Most of the people who stay here are only here to sleep and spend the rest of their time out and about exploring. There are very few amenities and sleeping arrangements may even be dormitory style where you are sleeping in the same room as other guests. However you can find rooms for less than 20 euro a night.

Southern Spain

Southern Spain has so much to offer including museums, beaches, churches, history, skiing, wine tours, and will definitely have a cheap hotel for you. The food alone is worth the trip. The vegetables, produce, and meat are some of the freshest in the world. The region is known for specialty cheeses and hams that are incredible. Make sure to get out and explore some of it.

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