Euroworld – Inflated prices begone!

Euroworld - Inflated prices begone!Picture this…

A typical UK ex pat takes a trip to go and do his weekly food shopping with his partner. After stocking up on local produce, they decide to finish their shopping experience with some good old UK products. They have to make several trips to different supermarkets to find what they want, and when they finally do, they choose several products and… then happen to look at the prices.

They end up only choosing one or two particular products, deciding to leave the rest behind. Unfortunately, either their budget just can’t quite handle the cost this month or they are just appalled at the prices.

Sound familiar?

Well, this nightmarish experience can be a thing of the past, thanks to a new supermarket which is opening in Parque Miramar in Fuengirola. Euroworld is a brand new establishment which claims to stock all types of UK branded products, from British food products, kitchen and bathroom cleaning products, toiletries and greeting cards. And – this is the best bit, for only one or two euros!

Hayley Singh, the Director of Euroworld was quoted as saying the idea behind the new supermarket is that many UK products, whilst being readily available in Spain, are inflated beyond belief and there is demand for good quality items at reasonable prices. She even went so far as to say that when goods at Euroworld were on offer, they are even cheaper than you would find in the UK.

You can find Euroworld on the ground floor of Parque Miramar, near the Eroski entrance. They are open all day from 10am until 10pm – Monday to Saturday.

On a personal note, I think this supermarket is truly a brilliant idea.

I am British and make no secret of it. Whilst I have lived in Spain for nearly 10 years, consider myself truly immersed in the culture, speak Spanish fluently, enjoy Spanish food, and even make my own – nothing on the Spanish food market quite compares (in my opinion) to various English brands of sausages, breads, gravy’s and even some sauces.

When you consider exactly how much English produce costs in various other Supermarket chains, i.e. Supersol, Euroworld is truly a Godsend for UK ex pats.

And of course, what better time to launch a low cost supermarket, than this?

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