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    Long term rentals Marbella

    This is a perfect for the “cold” here in Marbella. I absolutely love these Spanish stew type dishes. They are always packed with tons of flavour and are the ultimate in comfort food, great to eat whilst watching all the Christmas TV!

    I like this food so much, I have to confess that I actually buy the tinned version from Mercadona. II´m sure that this is infinitely better though – if you have any other similar recipe´s, don´´t be shy about posting them.

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    Thanks for the great comment, LTR.

    I absolutely love this kind of food as well. I have never tried the tinned version but I believe you just can’t beat homemade lentejas for flavour.

    Let me know if you liked it!

    I will be expanding the recipe section in the near future, so do check back for more!

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