Christmas on Ice (Navidad sobre Hielo)

Christmas on Ice (Navidad sobre Hielo)Christmas time has well and truly arrived in Spain, but for those of you who think that Costa del Sol and the festive season didn’t really go together through lack of snow and ice… well you’re in for a surprise. From the 15th December until the 10th January 2011 part of the Palacio de Ferias in Marbella will turn into an 600m2 ice-rink with unparalleled Christmassy atmosphere, where there will be recreational activities for all ages and a Christmas market where you will be able to buy all kinds of festive goodies. All this will be accompanied a cafeteria, sweet shops and yes, even carol singing!

Entrance to the building is free, and the ice-rink and other activities are at very economical prices.

Location: Palacio de Ferias y Congresos of Marbella

Time: Start : Wednesday, 15th December 12:00 – Finish: Monday, 10th January 23:00

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    la zagaleta

    We will go and test this ice rink tomorrow (Saturday) as my daughter has never seen ice before, having lived in Spain all of her life. This will be a pretty unusual experience for us all. I will put up another comment after having been and hopefully I won´t have any broken bones!

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    location vacances espagne

    It’s great to celebrate Christmas on ice…Last year i was in London on Christmas and i celebrate it by doing ice skating under the Christmas tree…It’s a great experience for me..

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    Villa Holidays With Flights

    Costa del Sol is a rocking place.. And to celebrate Christmas on this land is awesome.. Thanks for sharing the views related to it.. I enjoyed reading your post..

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