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    James Brown

    I have been to several European Countries since smoking bans came in 2007 and I have to say Spain has the right balance in my opinion.

    Bars can choose whether to be smoking or non smoking, as long as they clearly display signage to this effect and then customers can choose where they want to go to.

    A relative, who owns a small Bar in an apartment complex in Gran Canaria, Spain asked his customers to vote last summer as to whether he should make it a no smoking bar or not and 97% voted for it to remain a smoking bar.

    Democracy and the free market in action.

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    Here in the UK 40 pubs are closing every week, along with many social clubs. Inner town pubs either have no room or money to erect outside areas for smokers.
    To have one designated room inside for those who like to smoke would bring back many pubs and clubs, and of course create jobs.
    If Spain implement this ban, the loss of jobs and the loss of tourists will hit just as hard as it has here.

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