Selwo Aventura - Zoo in Estepona, MalagaVisiting Selwo Aventura while enjoying your holidays in Estepona is an excellent option to have a fantastic time! Selwo Aventura is a Zoo in which the animals enjoy a semi-freedom environment. Selwo is one of the most complete zoos you will find. You’ll find rhinocerous, elephants, tigers, lions, bears, various species of monkeys and over one hundred different types of birds etc.

Hours and Prices

Selwo Aventura is open daily from mid-February to mid-December from 10am and closes – according to season – between 6pm and 8pm. In February, November and December it is closed for a few weekdays. 

• Adults and youths (ages 10 – 65) – €24.50
• Children (ages 3 – 9) / seniors (65+) – €17.00
• Children under the age of 3 – free
• Reduced prices are granted to groups of 20 or more.

Selwo Aventura Events

Selwo Aventura - Zoo in Estepona, MalagaIf you want to organise an original party with your child and his/her friends, Selwo Aventura combines nature, adventure and fauna to provide a unique proposition with which to celebrate an unforgettable birthday. The children and their accompanying adults will discover a unique park which will transport them to Africa, to meet its most representative fauna. And, what’s more, with many more surprises to celebrate a very special day.


Selwo Aventura - Zoo in Estepona, MalagaThe Bald Eagle, Eurasian Eagle-Owl, Caracara, Griffon Vulture, Ferruginous Hawk or Harris’s Hawk are some of the protagonists of the birds of prey falconry exhibition, the ancient art of hunting honoured in 2010 as Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.  Selwo Aventura offers a birds of prey show every morning in the new terraced exhibitions clearing, located within a natural setting of exceptional beauty between the Central Village  and the Reserve of the Lakes.

Selwo Aventura - Zoo in Estepona, MalagaIn the afternoons the birds of prey exhibition moves to Nature’s Portico, specifically in an area close to the Lake of Africa.  During the exh ibition you can see spectacular flights while expert trainers provide an educational talk on the morphological, biological and behavioural characteristics of these birds of prey from all corners of the Planet.

Selwo Aventura - Zoo in Estepona, MalagaThe exhibitions programme has an exclusive proposition: the snakes exhibition which enables you to get up close to and even hold and caress species such as the Boa Constrictor, King Python, Indian Python, False Coral, Corn Snake … The monitors explain the morphological characteristics of snakes, as well as the different species, their diet and way of life, demystifying the idea of a dangerous reptile which many associate with these legendary cold-blooded animals who play an important role in the cycle of nature. During the exhibition, which is held in the Central Village in the morning and in Nature’s Portico in the afternoon during summer months, you will find out in detail about the composition of the scales, the great flexibility of the skin, the jaws of th ese vertebrates, the way they capture and swallow their prey, or how they do not have external hearing but can detect vibrations on the ground through the jaw… and other characteristics of these mysterious animals which have inhabited the world for some 140 million years.

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