New Ikea store opened in Málaga

Ikea SpainYesterday was the big opening of the new Ikea store in Malaga and more than 18,000 people made their way to the new store. The set up traffic plans worked well to keep the traffic moving on the local motorway and the traffic was better than everybody expected. Some people took advantage of an extra bus service laid on. The company is more than happy with their first day. They sold 16 complete kitchens and about 5,000 people signed up for the “Ikea Family” card. The first person who walked into the new IKEA store was Lufti Zeton Gómez from Málaga. He waited outside the Ikea store for 12 and a half hours. But for this he was given a 300 € cheque by the shop managers.

This Ikea store is the eleventh on the peninsula. Experts estimate that the new Ikea store will absorb nearly 30% of the furniture market in Málaga. It is expected to attract more than 1.5 million visitors in its first year, with a turnover of around 101 million € forecast for its third year of opening. Nationally the company will turn over more than 1 billion € this year. The whole store near Plaza Mayor cost the company 65 million €, with a sales area covering 20,000 square metres on two floors, and customer car parking for 2,400 vehicles.

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