Marks and Spencer opened in La Cañada

Marks and Spencer opens in La CañadaMarks & Spencer (M&S) is a major British retailer with over 885 stores in more than 40 countries around the world. But there was none in Spain. The company had stores in Spain before, in Madrid and Sevilla, but closed it eight years ago. But with Marbella as a city with many english people living here they want to try it again now and will use the new store in La Cañada Shopping Centre as a pilot for further expansion. The new store in Marbella is being established on a franchise basis by the same company which has been in Gibraltar since 1968, which is York Marbella SL. The new shop is on the second floor store in La Cañada, next to Benetton.

Making excellent use of the space, the 1.300 square metre shop squeezes in a good selection of clothing, the ever popular lingerie, home wear, gifts and children’s wear. Attracting more than its fair share of interest was the food store, which although small, is packed full of delicious British goodies including much of the ambient food range, including teas, biscuits, crumpets, chocolate, competitively priced wines, and a superb selection of frozen goodies, among them many mouthwatering Indian, Chinese and Italian dishes. About three million euros have been invested in the new Marbella store which will employ between 50 and 70 people according to the time of the year.

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