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    La Zagaleta Information

    Its true, many people because of the recession forgot just how good holidays within the Costa Del Sol could be. People even started talking about further flung, new locations as a substitute because they saw them as a cheaper altermative. The problem is cheap doesn´t mean value and when you realise just how fabulous the infra structure is on the Costa Del Sol, coupled with 320 days of sunshine few other places can compare.

    We must not forget that this area of Spain has had many year experience in the tourist industry and they fully understand what most people want when they are on holiday. Family friendly locations such as Marbella and Estepona will always continue to pull in rentals because there really is so much for people to do, irrespective of what they are looking for!

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    Car Rental Deals

    I’ve both lived and holidayed on the Costa Del Sol and have to agree that it’s a wonderful place to visit. If anyone hires a car for their holiday thye might like to know that Spain is one of the places that offers an extra insurance to cover the undersides, tyres and windscreen of the hire car.

    Damage to these is not covered under standard all inclusive car hire insurance.

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