Holiday rentals offer diversity for Costa del Sol holidaymakers

Holiday rentals offer diversity for Costa del Sol holidaymakersThe recent times of economic downturn have seen many of us reconsidering our annual holiday plans, and whilst few of us have cut out a holiday completely the trend has certainly turned towards cheaper destinations. Holiday resorts outside of Europe have benefited from an increase in visitor numbers as Brits turned their backs on the previously popular destinations of Spain and France. However no sooner than they began to boom the bubble appears to be bursting for destinations such as Turkey and Egypt, as the tables begin to turn back in favour of tried and tested destinations like the Costa del Sol.

Figures released by various online travel agencies suggest that Spain has regained its position as one of the most popular destinations for British holidaymakers and with such a wide range of holiday homes available to rent it’s easy to see why the Spanish Costa’s are so favourable with British holidaymakers.

Renting a villa or apartment offers holidaymakers the chance to enjoy a relaxing break under the Spanish sun in luxury and private surroundings. There’s not an area on the coast of Spain that offers more choice of holiday rentals than the Costa del Sol.

With such a wide variety of resorts and self-catering holiday homes the Costa del Sol offers the ultimate in diversity ensuring that there is something that will suit all tastes and requirements. From the quaint white washed villages of Nerja to the all out party town of Marbella.

Choosing to rent a holiday home on the Costa del Sol will give you some advantages over hotel accommodation. One of the main advantages is the privacy of having your own property and in many cases your own swimming pool. If you choose to rent a villa you can also enjoy a generously spacious living area, with many of the larger villas having more than one lounge and luxurious en-suite bedrooms. Whilst holiday apartments on the Costa del Sol often offer great views across the Mediterranean Sea without the noisy surroundings associated with family orientated hotels.

There are numerous websites that offer holiday rentals in the Costa del Sol that are available directly from the owner, which give holidaymakers a great chance to take advantage of lower rates. There are also plenty of villa agencies that offer a variety of luxury villas in the Costa del Sol. So next time you’re planning your holiday in the Costa del Sol why not consider renting your own private holiday home. offers a wide variety of holiday villas and apartments across the Costa del Sol, all available to rent directly from the owner.

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    La Zagaleta Information

    Its true, many people because of the recession forgot just how good holidays within the Costa Del Sol could be. People even started talking about further flung, new locations as a substitute because they saw them as a cheaper altermative. The problem is cheap doesn´t mean value and when you realise just how fabulous the infra structure is on the Costa Del Sol, coupled with 320 days of sunshine few other places can compare.

    We must not forget that this area of Spain has had many year experience in the tourist industry and they fully understand what most people want when they are on holiday. Family friendly locations such as Marbella and Estepona will always continue to pull in rentals because there really is so much for people to do, irrespective of what they are looking for!

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    Car Rental Deals

    I’ve both lived and holidayed on the Costa Del Sol and have to agree that it’s a wonderful place to visit. If anyone hires a car for their holiday thye might like to know that Spain is one of the places that offers an extra insurance to cover the undersides, tyres and windscreen of the hire car.

    Damage to these is not covered under standard all inclusive car hire insurance.

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