Fuengirola Feria 6-12 October 2015The FERIA is an annual festivities week that take place in many towns in Andalusia, being the next one in Fuengirola (Costa del Sol) from 6 to 12 October this year.

The most famous ferias of Spain are the “feria de Abril” in Seville, and the Malaga feria that takes place in august. But there are many other smaller ferias taking place in almost every town and city in Andalusia during different times of the year.

The feria of Fuengirola will take place this year on the fairgrounds from 6 to 12 October in honor of the patron saint of Fuengirola and perpetual mayoress, Our Lady the Virgin of the Rosary – Virgen del Rosario. 

The quaintness of the celebration, tradition, care in the organization and the great amount of visitors make this feria one of the most prestigious in Andalusia. It includes an extensive program of activities in which the main protagonists are Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Patrona de Fuengirola, with a special meaning, the horse, which acquires an outstanding importance during the holiday week.

At the fairgrounds, where all the activity takes place in this big week of Fuengirola, there are 32 fixed clubs(peñas), endowed with excellent infrastructure and in perfect state with its doors always open to any visitor who wants to participate in the extraordinary and friendly environment. They offer high-level artistic performances in the Peace Palace.

This is one of the best ferias in Costa del Sol, a mix between tradition and modernity, local people and foreigners or tourists, all enjoying in a great friendly atmosphere full of music, dance, folklore, food and drinks. It has entertainment for all the family, from special activities and rides for the little ones, to “casetas” full of live performances of traditional dances like flamenco shows amongst others, for adults. There are many places to eat and drink too, from small street food stalls to proper meals options in the different casetas.

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