Gibraltar Lighthouse - Europa PointGibraltar, the British colony in Spain is a simply and enigmatic and gorgeous holiday destination of Europe. Housing some of the most exclusive military fortifications, Gibraltar remains the perfect sun and sand holiday. With more than 12 centuries of Spanish, British and Moorish history, you will love to explore the splendors that are unique in terms of geography, geology, history and astoundinly vast expanse of flora and fauna. Holidays in Gibraltar are all about getting closer to the mysterious caves and the semi-wild apes of Gibraltar- which are so famous.

Gibraltar holidays will let you explore the famous Rock which remains the focal point for all visitors. Being the UK Oversea Dependent Territory, you can avail some of the excellent holiday deals that will help you save a lot. Enjoying a strategic location where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, Gibraltar has remained the base of British Armed Forces for long 300 years. This has largely contributed to the reminiscence of unique structures and historic artifacts. With a tranquil beauty of its own, you can look forward to a relaxing holiday enjoying the Mediterranean sun while taking a slice of the rich history of the place. Simply book the Gibraltar holiday rentals and make the most of this vibrant holiday hotspot.

The Rock and the Caves remains the Major Attraction

Gibraltar wild apes The Rock was formed probably 2 million years ago and it retains its original shape. This massive Jurassic limestone structure has become synonymous with Gibraltar. Needless to say, the Rock has the most visual impact when you see it first- it’s majestic and towering and somewhat cut off from the remaining country! Don’t forget to take the official Rock tour. Additionally, many caves that reveal the history of the place must be included in your travel itinerary on your holidays in Gibraltar. Visit some of the marine caves, sterile caves or the pot holes and have a feel of the geology of the place.

Hit the Beaches in Gibraltar

View from the Rock to the port and center of GibraltarThe beaches remain an integral part of Gibraltar and hold the main span of the holidaymaker’s interest. You will find a range of beaches from secluded, family, sporty or party ones- choose the best that spells your holiday mood. You can enjoy some of the rocky beaches or indulge in bird watching at the Little Bay or simply appease your taste buds at the many seafood restaurants in the Catalan Bay. The hip and happening beach parties are a great way of making the most of the pristine beaches. With loads of Spanish and British pubs and bars, you will surely keep yourself busy partying out. Holidays in Gibraltar are all about fun, merriment and soaking up the Spanish sun.

Roam about in the City

Gibraltar holiday rentals will let you make the most of the vibrant and effervescent city. Gibraltar remains a duty free country offering great shopping choices at lower prices. Casinos, shopping plazas and excellent food along with a warm bright temperate climate Gibraltar will truly be special for you.

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