Canary Islands represent an exotic and paradisiacal destinationFor a reprieve from the 24/7 hectic schedule, the Spanish Canary Islands beckon with a signature bio-diversity and a welcoming atmosphere of peace. The Canaries offers an authentic and rural vacation destination year round that provides a relaxing sensory overload and fulfills a picturesque and an unwinding holiday requirement. This refuge delivers an incredible array of pluses that includes ideal weather, a selection of beaches, volcanic exploration and a variety of water sports.

Located in the Atlantic Oceans and near the northwestern coast of Africa, the Canary Islands represent an exotic and paradisiacal destination. The region consists of seven large separate volcanic islands, (El Gomero, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Gomera, La Palma, Lanzarote and Tenerife) each with its own identifying and singular landscape, as well as a smaller set of six smaller islets. This unique setting for each of the larger islands affords visitors the opportunity to enjoy attractions and activities particular to each island. 

The traditional tourist agenda to the Canary Islands focuses on the abundant activities of water sports, theme parks, excursions and golfing. However, there are other forms of tourism that allow travelers to appreciate and to explore their greatest asset: the islands themselves. Agro, eco and rural tourism options represent viable alternatives for tourists who wish to discover this retreat’s unprecedented beauty at a relaxed pace.

Trekkers will marvel at scenic beauty created by lava, wild and spacious woodlands and vast expanses of sand dunes, by trekking through the amazing facets of their wondrous natural surroundings. The endemic bio-diversity of the islands becomes evident in the four national parks, five biosphere reserves and a total of 146 protected areas with over 3,500 species of indigenous flora and fauna. Enthusiasts are afforded the opportunity to observe many of them up-close.

A stay in the Canary Islands allows you to the rare freedom to leisurely journey to varying natural settings that range from ancient forests to majestic volcanoes.

Lose yourself in the rural wonder of the Canaries and take the time to experience the Canarian people, gastronomy and traditions. Get to know the archipelago in an exceptional way by staying at one of the rural houses or villas that have been specially renovated to receive visitors who wish to disconnect from frenetic modern life. Introduce yourself to rural tourism in the Canaries, by visiting

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