What they never taught you in Spanish

Here are some words you never learn in any Spanish course, but you will hear very often:

guay (gwhy) – Cool.
cojonudo (ko-ho-NOO-doh) – Better than cool.
me mola (may MO-la) – Love it!
alucino (ah-lu-THEE-no) – Can’t believe it!
paso (PAH-so) – Couldn’t care less.
juerguista (hwer-GHEE-stah) – Party animal.
cutre (KOO-tray) – Seedy, lacking class. Sometimes used affectionately, as in, “Sometimes the most cutre places serve the best tapas.”
ligar (lee-GAR) – To pick up someone.
hortera (or-TER-ah) – Flashy, tacky, kitschy.
fashion (FASH-yohn) – Trendy, obsessed with the latest. Used as an adjective, not necessarily related to clothing, as in, “The people who hang out in Chueca are really fashion.”
gente guapa (HEN-tay GWA-pah) – Beautiful people.
pijo (PEE-ho) – A posh and conservative type, as in, “That party at the golf club was crawling with pijos.”

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