San Luis de Sabinillas

San Luis de SabinillasSan Luis de Sabinillas is a small town on the Costa del Sol in the extreme southwest of the province Málaga, rather known as Sabinillas. It was very typical of a Spanish fishing community which did not pay much importance to the aesthetics of architecture. Like most places on the Costa del Sol it has seen rapid growth over the last decade. But it will grow further on. Since the construction of a large block called Punta Almina in the 1980s it has also become a popular place for expats working on the coast and in Gibraltar. Because it’s only a 30 minutes drive to Gibraltar.

The Sunday morning Sabinillas rastro is one of the biggest on the coast. It started as a car boot sale in 1990 in a small car park, but once it caught the attention of a wider group of people looking for a bargain it grew a lot. Since its beginnings it needed to change locations three times to accommodate its popularity. If you are coming from Estepona it is the first roundabout in Sabinillas, where you have to turn right, next to the Lidl supermarket and then you will see, where all the people are going.

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    Sabinillas is a lovely town, still very unspoilt by tourism compared to much of Costa del Sol and right on the beach with everything needed banks, supermarkets, resturants, cafes.. Its the main place we shop from Casares del Sol just 2 minutes drive away.

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    Can anyone one tell me where the best supermarket is in Sabinillas please?

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    farida fennell

    hi there, could someone tell me if the car boot sale is on today and what time it starts

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