Weather on the Costa del Sol during October

thunderstorm and lightningIf you are visiting Malaga or the rest of Andalucia during October you can experience some dramatic weather changes from sunshine to thunderstorm and lightning. In some years the weather is quite nice with sunshine, light winds and temperatures around 20º C. But in other years cool air is coming from northern Europe and crosses the still very warm sea. The results are some spectacular thunderstorms and rainfalls of 25 to 50 millimetres in a very short time and local flooding is usually a problem in these situations. After this rainfalls it feels noticeably fresher, and when you are still out at a restaurant or bar and you are leaving as midnight approaches, you will need a sweater or light jacket.

On the following day, the Andalucians will be wrapped up as if we have winter, while the tourists remain in shorts. The weather during the day will be sunny with some changes. The visibility is crystal clear with fantastic views to Africa and Gibraltar from some parts of Andalucia. And in the afternoon it’s getting warmer and the temperatures arrives 22ºC or 23ºC. Of course the beaches are empty, so you can enjoy a nice walk along the beach. And after all you can say “Autumn has truly arrived”. But just remember how the weather would be in Germany or England for example. The same, only 10 to 15 degrees less.

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    Leon Murray

    the weather these days is hotter than the previous decades, i guess it is the effect of global warming’`*

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