The black Osborne bull

The black Osborne bullMany tourists see this 14 meters high bull at the highways of Spain, black, strong and proud, and think this concerns a symbol of Spain. However this bull is actually only advertisement. It was a commercial trade mark of Osborne (producers of sherry and other spirits) but the wide presence of the bull all across Spanish roads made it a very popular symbol in the Spanish countryside. However, meanwhile it became a national symbol and also one of the most popular motives for photos of the tourists.

The bulls “grow” already since 1956 at the roads of Spain. When traffic regulations forbade roadside advertisements in 1988 there was a popular movement in order to permit Osborne’s bull to remain in the spanish landscapes. The final resolution was that the bulls could remain but with no words (Osborne) on them, so that the bulls could live further. And in such a way they still stand there. Thus the bull is to be seen still in the Spanish landscape, actually as advertisement, but on the other hand also as landmarks for Spain. The advertisement however works.

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