Marbella takes Obama visit seriously

Marbella takes Obama visit seriousMarbella takes the visit of the US First Lady Michelle Obama and her youngest daughter Sasha to Marbella seriously. The visit which will start 4th August has already caused huge excitement amongst the Marbella population and their surroundings. The town hall of Marbella has installed together with the two advertising agencies Imagen Consulting and Copremusa Sur a huge billboard at one of the busiest points of the N-340 road through San Pedro de Alcantara which reads “Welcome Obama Family” and in smaller print “Thank You For Choosing Marbella”. The Obama family will pass by this billboard on their way to the Hotel Villa Padierna they are staying in. The five-star luxury resort ranked among the top 30 best hotels in the world by Expedia on rank 28 with a score of 99,9 of 100 points and ranked the best hotel in Spain.

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    La Zagaleta

    Its great news that Michelle Obama is visiting Marbella. What annoys me is the negative spin the English press manage to put on things. Nearly every paper, including some of the broadsheets, keep referring to the “Costa Del crime” and all the usual cliches about shootings and organized crime.

    If Marbella was as bad as these papers claim, would Mrs. Obama really visit. I wish journalists would do a bit more research and deal with some of the positives, such as the work the Mayoress is doing to raise international investment into the area, or the Saudi Royalty visiting once again.

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    Mirco Rehmeier

    Interesting, looks like the Obama family is not welcome anymore. The sign disappeared during the day and is now empty.

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