Holidays in Portugal

The Algarve in PortugalTalking about Spain and the Costa del Sol with its nice beaches and the fantastic weather another nice place to go on holidayin Europe is Portugal which is not really far away from the sunny coast of Spain. Thinking about Portugal vacation the first thing that gets into my mind is the Algarve in south Portugal which is a popular destination for tourism, primarily because of its beaches, Mediterranean climate, safety and relatively low costs. And the Algarve is only 3 hours away from the Costa del Sol. The beaches are similar to the Spanish beaches but better, the water is a little bit colder, but the sand is yellow to white, nearly like in the Caribbean. The safety and low cost are a perfect reason for Portugal family vacation as vacations with the whole family always cost a fortune, but not in Portugal, wich is one of the cheapest countries in Europe to enjoy your vacations. Maybe that’s why so many British, German, Dutch and Scandinavian people visit the Algarve. But the Algarve is not the only region for vacations in Portugal. Other tourist areas are the capital Lisbon and the Portuguese Islands like Madeira and Azores. If you are looking to do some vacations somewhere in Portugal a good place to look is at Olimar, which has been elected as the no. 1 best foreign Portugal tour operator by Portugals leading tourism trade journal Publituris. And the prices are really good.

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    Just love Portugal. A really enjoyable – and cheap – place to go for a holiday.

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    Thanks for the nice writeup!
    U just convinced me for a Portugal vacation 🙂

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