El Martinete villa in Puerto Banus for sale

El Martinete - Puerto Banus beach villa for saleThe real estate market here in south Spain is a very difficult market at the moment, especially in the area around Marbella. But there are still a lot of real estate agents selling or just renting out some very nice properties. One of the Costa del Sol´s three best front line beach villas named El Martinete has just come back on the real estate market for sale. It is located just a five minutes walk from the port of Puerto Banus and it is situated next to the Guadalpin Hotel in Puerto Banus. This beautiful villa has not only one of the best locations in Marbella. It has a big outdoor pool, which has a nice illustration on the bottom of the pool, done by the famous Spanish artist Pablo Picasso.

The villa itself has five bedroom suites in the main house and two guest houses for up to a total of 16 people. Furthermore it has an indoor and outdoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, disco etc etc. And for 25 million Euro it could be yours. Or just rent it for a week. The price is 3.500 Euro per day. The villa has all necessities of a villa in this price range. For more information and pictures have a look on the website of Marbellarentals.

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    Hi, Running a Richmond BC real estate company I’ve visited Puerto Banus this summer to take a look at the real estate market. I was amazed by the houses. What I loved in them was that even a newly built house looked so cozy and “warm” that I had the feeling that I’m home or I could make it my home immediately. Keep up the good work.

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