Multi-million pound development proposed for Rock’s EastsideThere are ambitious plans for a multi-million pound development for the so called eastside of Gibraltar, a project that would convert this area in a modern marina complex.

A Middle East developer hopes to build luxury hotels, residential and commercial areas and a football pitch, once this project is approved by planning chiefs on the Rock. The Armada Group, based in the UAE, also wants to build medical and educational amenities and other recreational spaces such as pools, beaches and a lagoon. The Armada Group is famous as it was a big part of the Dubai property boom and is one of the largest developers in the Emirates region. 

Multi-million pound development proposed for Rock’s EastsideThere is another proposal too, a new tunnel project that would link the Eastside Project to the City Hall at John Mackintosh Square, hence reducing the traffic congestion and cut traveling time to the other side of the Rock.

There is a little controversy with this project plan as Spain claims that the Eastside Project will damage the environment. Recently, Spain has complained for the second time about this but this reclamation has been dismissed again by the European Commission as Gibraltar’s latest land reclamation project on the east side does not breach European environmental laws.

This response means that the initial plan for the multi-million pound development can still go ahead with different developers hoping to build in this land.

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    Fiona Findlay

    Hi, very interesting read. Do you have any further updates since 2015?

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