Fair of Cordoba - Feria de nuestra Señora de la SaludThe “ferias” are popular festivals traditionally held in all the cities and towns of Andalucia. This year the Fair of Cordoba will take place from 23 to 30 May.

La Feria de Córdoba is normally held in late May in commemoration of “Nuestra Señora de la Salud” (Our Lady of Health). Horsemen, ladies and flamenco dancers get together in the booths that are arranged and spread over the different streets of the fair on the grounds of Arenal. These booths are public most of the time, so that are open for those visitors are open who wish to enter, which is precisely one of the fun parts of the fair: to enjoy the folkloric traditional atmosphere and to witness live performances of local music and dances, especially flamenco. Everyone comes dressed up in their traditional “feria” outfits and eat, drink, dance and sing together. 

Feria de Cordoba from 23-30 May 2015

During this time, numerous bullfights of great importance are held in Los Califas bullring and usually the most popular bullfighters of the country participate in these.

Apart from this, there is also entertainment for the little ones as the fun fair offers a lot of attractions and rides. Thousands of lights illuminate the fair grounds and there are fireworks displays on the first and last day too.

The dates for this year are 23-30 May 2015, a week full of fun and entertainment, where local traditions are mixed with modern partying atmosphere at nights especially. It is advisable to book in advance as the occupancy in the city during these dates is of almost hundred percent.

Overall, the Fair offers entertainment and attractions for all type of tastes, from modern parties taking at the booths at nights, to traditional folkloric dances, gastronomy and drinks of local traditions such as tapas and wines, rides for all ages and processions of equestrian guards amongst others.

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