Discounts on 4×4 cars on the Costa del Sol

Discounts on 4x4 cars30% discount in 4×4 Cars in Estepona and Marbella. Everybody hears here und there how bad the car business is going, but 80% less sales in the last quarter of 2008 compared to last year in the some period is causing massive problems to the branch in the coast. The Head directors of those car companies are worried not just because of the obvious profits effects but what to do with the stock of all the not sold cars? Can you imagine the place needed to keep around 25 Land Rover? They are beating the situation offering 30% discounts. Now is actually the time for those who have some money kept back, ever dreamed of such an opportunity to buy a four-by-four car with amazing discounts. The level of discount offered depends on the amount of time a vehicle has been in stock. There is no expectation to get any better in the economy this year and not even for next year, what kind of discounts are they going to offer end of this year?

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