• Hotel Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5* in Málaga centre

    Hotel Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5* in Málaga centreThe Vincci Selección Posada del Patio 5 * is a newly built hotel with the quality and avant-garde style characteristic of Vincci Hotels. Located in the historic center of Malaga. With quick and easy access to all points of interest throughout Malaga city. This is the only one of the hotels in Malaga from which you can see part of the ancient Roman city wall.

    It is built on a spot corresponding to two older buildings, one of which was one of the last inns existing in Malaga and the other was a residential building in which it has respected the facade of the early twentieth century. It has been completely rebuilt, respecting the “patio” that gave it its name and an old hallway that corresponded to the entrance from Camas street.  (more…)

  • The Rocío Pilgrimage – Romeria of El Rocio

    The Rocío Pilgrimage - Romeria of El RocioThe Rocío Pilgrimage is a religious festival dedicated to the Virgen del Rocío. It has undergone some changes to adapt to the needs of the moment, but its essence remains the same.

    The Romeria of El Rocio is a procession or pilgrimage that takes place in honor of the Virgin of El Rocio in the countryside of Almonte, pronvince of Huelva (Andalusia) during the second day of the Pentecost, which in 2015 will be the night from 24th to 25th of May. This tradition dates from 1653 and in the last years is becoming increasingly popular and attracts thousands and hundreds of pilgrims each year.

    Traditionally the “romeria” (pilgrimage) beings on Sunday before Pentecost, but the pilgrims that come throughout Andalusia and other places of Spain and even internationally, usually travel one to seven days beforehand on foot or on horseback or horse carriages, as they count this travel as the most important part of the pilgrimage.  (more…)

  • Pompidou Centre in Muelle Uno Malaga

    Pompidou Centre in Muelle Uno MalagaThe Pompidou opened in Malaga last March as a new cultural landmark for the capital. The museum features more than 80 works by artists such as Picasso, Giacometti, Magritte, Chagall or Frida Kahlo and is a good attraction for both, children and adults.

    This is the story of an adventure that begins in February 2008. A chance encounter in the football stadium La Rosaleda between the Mayor of Málaga, Francisco de la Torre, and the then French ambassador, Bruno Delaye, was the trigger for a negotiation process culminating in a corner of the Port of Malaga city, with the opening of the first provisional headquarters outside France Pompidou Centre. French Pompidou is one of the most vibrant cultural centers that exist in Europe, and its funds are home to the largest collection of the old continent modern and contemporary art.  (more…)

  • Fair of Cordoba – Feria de Nuestra Señora de la Salud

    Fair of Cordoba - Feria de nuestra Señora de la SaludThe “ferias” are popular festivals traditionally held in all the cities and towns of Andalucia. This year the Fair of Cordoba will take place from 23 to 30 May.

    La Feria de Córdoba is normally held in late May in commemoration of “Nuestra Señora de la Salud” (Our Lady of Health). Horsemen, ladies and flamenco dancers get together in the booths that are arranged and spread over the different streets of the fair on the grounds of Arenal. These booths are public most of the time, so that are open for those visitors are open who wish to enter, which is precisely one of the fun parts of the fair: to enjoy the folkloric traditional atmosphere and to witness live performances of local music and dances, especially flamenco. Everyone comes dressed up in their traditional “feria” outfits and eat, drink, dance and sing together.  (more…)

  • The coastal corridor of Estepona will have 22 kilometers

    Half of the sections of the coastal path are undergoing in EsteponaThe Councillor of Development, Infrastructure and Tourism of Estepona, Ana Velasco, confirmed that half of the sections of the coast corridor linking the entire coast of the municipality by a walk by the sea, are undergoing construction work, as Grupo Diario Area said. Some, such as connecting Cabo Bermejo and the Residence San Jaime, or linking Fireplace and Playa Bella by a wooden walkway, are complete.

    The first involved an investment of 60,300 euros, while the second has had a budget of 596,000 euros. Soon, construction work will start in the other sections such as Kempinski Hotel-Laguna Village, 274 meters, including a wooden bridge over the River Padron, new access to the beach, adequacy of gardens and street lighting will be tendered.  (more…)