• Feria del Santo Cristo in Casares

    Casares FairThe Feria del Santo Cristo in Casares is celebrated in the middle of September from Friday to Sunday. This years feria is on 14, 15 & 16 of September. This fair finds its origins in the old harvest celebrations. Nowadays it looks more like an end of the summer celebration. School starts again after this Feria so it’s the last summer feria a family can enjoy. Casares celebrates its Santo Cristo fair with music, dancing and processions in Casares town. The weekend finishes with a fireworks display at the Castle which looks very nice above the town. If you have some time have a look around the town and enjoy the last summer fair in Casares.

  • Nikki Beach – exclusive Beachclub

    Nikki Beach - exclusive beachclub in Portimao in PortugalBeachclubs became more and more popular in the last years. An absolutely exclusive Beachclub is the Nikki Beach. It is not only a simple Beachclub, but rather the most exclusive chain of Beachclubs at the best beaches of the world. People who go there should dress up in white to keep a low profile. The Beachchlubs are amongst others in Spain in Marbella at the Don Carlos Beach Resort in Elviria, in Portugal in Portimao, as well as in Saint Tropez, Cabo San Lucas, Miami, Puerto Vallarta and New York. (more…)

  • On holidays to Spain and the Costa del Sol

    sunset in SpainMaybe you havn’t been here in Spain so now is the perfect time to have a look for some flights and plan your holidays to Spain. In September the weather is perfect to enjoy the sun on the beach, but it is not to hot for all the people who are not used to be in the sun for long time. The average temperature for Malaga is 23,5°C so quite nice.

    In September everything is cheaper, like the hotels and the flights and everything else and there are less people. With Malaga you have a big airport around here which is now being extended, so it´s time to plan your holidays to the Costa del Sol. On the Costa del Sol you will find everything from budget to luxury, from Golf courses to boat trips, from bull fighting to football, from Vino Tinto to Paella, from palm trees to beach.  (more…)

  • Mini driving on water in Sotogrande

    Mini driving on waterA few days ago, on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of july you could see something very ridiculous on the water. A Mini Cooper. Yes, the car. It is a kind of advertising or publicity for Mini. So they took a big Jetski and put the car body of a Mini Cooper on top of it. So it looks like there is a Mini driving on water. I found this photos on the spanish blog motorpasion.com because I havn´t taken any photos by myself. The first photo is taken in the port of Sotogrande (Cádiz), driving around. The second and third are in the port of La Duquesa (Málaga). I have read on another blog that this car is driving along the coast until the end of august. So maybe you can see in some other ports or on the beach. (more…)

  • Beaches like in the Carribean

    Beach in Zahara de los AtunesIf you want to see white sandy beaches like in the carribean, you have to visit the coast of Cadiz. Try the beaches at Tarifa, Barbate, Conil de la Frontera or Chiclana de la Frontera. But one of the best beaches is in the small town of Zahara de los Atunes. In the southeast of the town you have a big beach which is normally not that full like other beaches on the coast. Like you can see it on the picture you have wide sandy beaches and fantastic blue water. You won´t realise that you are in Spain instead of the carribean. If you want to enjoy the sun and the nice warm weather in august try it there.