• More about the Nerja Fair – Feria de Nerja

    Feria de Nerja posterNow I got more informations about the Feria de Nerja on October 8th – 13th and I can tell you when the concerts on the Nerja fair are. The town spends 403,000 euros for six days of party and they think of an income of about 182,000 euros.

    Wednesday, October 10th
    – 00:00h Kiko y Shara (Caseta Municipal)
    Thursday, October 11th
    – 00:00h Antonio Carmona (Caseta Municipal)
    Friday, October 12th
    – 00:00h Manuel Orta (Caseta Municipal)
    Saturday, October 13th (Día del niño – childrens day)
    – 13:00h María Figueroa (Caseta Municipal)
    – 00:00h La Unión (Caseta Municipal)

  • Feria de Nerja October 8th – 13th

    Feria de NerjaThe Nerja Fair (Feria de Nerja) has been running since the late 1980s to the familiar formula of decorated tents called “casetas” set up by some people to entertain and to party. The fair is every year between October 8th – 13th, because October 12th is National Holiday of Spain or Hispanic Day (Fiesta Nacional de España or Día de la Hispanidad). It is a national holiday which commemorates the exact date when Christopher Columbus first set a foot to America. So the last days of the fair people can enjoy, because nobody has to work. (more…)

  • Puerto Deportivo Nerja-Torrox

    Playa de Wilches between Nerja and TorroxYesterday the mayor of Nerja José Alberto Armijo Navas has anounced that they are going to build a marina called Puerto Deportivo Nerja-Torrox, between Nerja and Torrox near the Arroyo Frontil and next to the Playa de Vilchez. The marina is outside of Nerja more towards Torrox. This project will cost about 33 Million Euro and will take two years time to complete when they start in 2008.

    The new port will offer 500 new berths for boats between 8 and 25 meters and will offer some space for bigger boats up to 35 meters and last but not least it offers a storage yard of 18.000 m² and 300 car parking spaces. (more…)

  • Weather on the Costa del Sol during October

    thunderstorm and lightningIf you are visiting Malaga or the rest of Andalucia during October you can experience some dramatic weather changes from sunshine to thunderstorm and lightning. In some years the weather is quite nice with sunshine, light winds and temperatures around 20º C. But in other years cool air is coming from northern Europe and crosses the still very warm sea. The results are some spectacular thunderstorms and rainfalls of 25 to 50 millimetres in a very short time and local flooding is usually a problem in these situations. After this rainfalls it feels noticeably fresher, and when you are still out at a restaurant or bar and you are leaving as midnight approaches, you will need a sweater or light jacket. (more…)

  • Ikea opens end of october in Malaga

    Ikea SpainBuying an apartment or house in Spain or anywhere else always means, that you need furniture. And the well known swedish company Ikea is always a good address to buy furniture. But the last time I bought some furniture I had to go to Sevilla to the nearest Ikea around here in Andalucia. And there is nothing else to compare around here. But on Tuesday 30th of October a new Ikea is due to open near Plaza Mayor in Malaga, next to the airport. Don´t go there on the first days, because it will be packed with people and I think it will be difficult to find a parking space around there. But a few weeks later it´s the best address to buy cheap and good furniture for your new home on the Costa del Sol.