• Spectacular Villa in Nerja for sale

    Spectacular Villa in Nerja for saleThis spectacular villa is situated in the rural area above Nerja near Frigiliana in the very eastern part of Malaga. From this villa you enjoy a perfect view to the sea as well as up to the surrounding mountains. Nevertheless you are not far away from the town. To the beach of Nerja it is less than 20 minutes.

    The whole living area of 153m² is on one level. There are no stairs you have to go up. At the entrance you will find the living room with fire-place and adjacent to it the open kitchen with dining area. Directly behind the kitchen is a storage room. In a long corridor are the three bedrooms and three bathrooms, two of it en-suite. The main bedroom has even a cosy fire-place. The main bathroom has its own whirpool.

    Spectacular Villa in Nerja - Living area with fireplaceOn a plot of 2000m² is this beautiful mansion with views to the south. Only 1000m² of this plot is in use, on the remaining 1000m² are trees with avocados. If you enter the property by the gate, first you will find the parking area for up to four cars, from where you can enter the house immediately. Furthermore you have a large terrace of 70m² and besides the private, generous pool. The entire estate is surrounded by a maintained garden.

  • Alhambra Palace in Granada

    The Alhambra Palace in GranadaThe Alhambra is a palace of the Moorish monarchs of Granada and is situated on a hilly terrace on the south-eastern border of the city of Granada. From this plateau you have a wide view of the city and plain of Granada and of the heights of the Sierra Nevada. The Alhambra comprises three separate parts: The fortress, the palace and the gardens which all together cover an area of about 142,000 m². It is enclosed by a strongly fortified wall, which is flanked by thirteen towers. The palace was built between 1248 and 1354, started by Muhammed Ibn Al Ahma, an Arab prince. A lot of different people tried to complete the palace, just to mention Yusuf I (1333-54), Muhammad V (1354-91), Charles V (1516–1556) and Philip V (1700–1746). (more…)

  • What they never taught you in Spanish

    Here are some words you never learn in any Spanish course, but you will hear very often:

    guay (gwhy) – Cool.
    cojonudo (ko-ho-NOO-doh) – Better than cool.
    me mola (may MO-la) – Love it!
    alucino (ah-lu-THEE-no) – Can’t believe it!
    paso (PAH-so) – Couldn’t care less.
    juerguista (hwer-GHEE-stah) – Party animal.
    cutre (KOO-tray) – Seedy, lacking class. Sometimes used affectionately, as in, “Sometimes the most cutre places serve the best tapas.”
    ligar (lee-GAR) – To pick up someone.
    hortera (or-TER-ah) – Flashy, tacky, kitschy.
    fashion (FASH-yohn) – Trendy, obsessed with the latest. Used as an adjective, not necessarily related to clothing, as in, “The people who hang out in Chueca are really fashion.”
    gente guapa (HEN-tay GWA-pah) – Beautiful people.
    pijo (PEE-ho) – A posh and conservative type, as in, “That party at the golf club was crawling with pijos.”

  • San Luis de Sabinillas

    San Luis de SabinillasSan Luis de Sabinillas is a small town on the Costa del Sol in the extreme southwest of the province Málaga, rather known as Sabinillas. It was very typical of a Spanish fishing community which did not pay much importance to the aesthetics of architecture. Like most places on the Costa del Sol it has seen rapid growth over the last decade. But it will grow further on. Since the construction of a large block called Punta Almina in the 1980s it has also become a popular place for expats working on the coast and in Gibraltar. Because it’s only a 30 minutes drive to Gibraltar. (more…)

  • MotoGP in Jerez de la Frontera

    MotoGP in Jerez de la FronteraOn the 25th of march is the next moto GP in Jerez. It´s the second grand prix after the race in Qatar. But before there is a Official Test on the racetrack of Jerez de la Frontera. From monday, 19th february until sunday, 25th february you can enjoy everything from MotoGP what you like. It´s not a real race, but I think it would be nice to see it. There is enough space for up to 250,000 people, so take some friends and go to the MotoGP in Jerez. It´s worth seeing it. And if you have some time left, Jerez is where sherry is originated and it is one of the original centres of Flamenco. Take one week off and go to Jerez.