• Last Moto Grand Prix in Valencia

    Moto Grand Prix in ValenciaOn 4th of November the last round in the 2007 Motorbike Grand Prix Championships is to be held at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia. The circuit is 30 minutes west of the city of Valencia and there are expected to be up to 150,000 spectators to watch the five-time World Champion Valentino Rossi trying to reclaim his title from Nicky Hayden on the four kilometre anti clockwise circuit. This race in Valencia means sun, fun and a lot of racing. So don´t miss the last Moto GP in Valencia, either direct or at least on TV. The race starts at 1:15 PM. (more…)

  • New Ikea store opened in Málaga

    Ikea SpainYesterday was the big opening of the new Ikea store in Malaga and more than 18,000 people made their way to the new store. The set up traffic plans worked well to keep the traffic moving on the local motorway and the traffic was better than everybody expected. Some people took advantage of an extra bus service laid on. The company is more than happy with their first day. They sold 16 complete kitchens and about 5,000 people signed up for the “Ikea Family” card. The first person who walked into the new IKEA store was Lufti Zeton Gómez from Málaga. He waited outside the Ikea store for 12 and a half hours. But for this he was given a 300 € cheque by the shop managers. (more…)

  • Informations about the Costa del Sol

    costamedi.com - Informations about the Costa del Sol in AndaluciaA few months ago I started a website called costamedi.com. It was just to show some information about the mediterranean coast in the province of Malaga but with a very bad design. Now that I am more and more professional in programming and designing I woulkd like to present the new design of this project. With this design I hope to get more visitors to the site. The website is in German, Englisch and Spanish, just in case you prefer another language. (more…)

  • Ikea in Malaga as a big employer

    Ikea job interviewAs I read in the Sur in English newspaper 25,000 candidates send their curriculum for jobs in the new Ikea shop in Malaga which is scheduled to open on October 30th. And in the end the new Ikea shop will bring more than 500 new jobs for the Malaga area. Approximately 15,000 visitors are expected on inauguration day and up to 18,000 on the first saturday after it. In total the new store expects to attract more than two million shoppers in the next year. As far as the opening of a second Ikea store in the province of Malaga is concerned Marbella would be the perfect location for it, or Estepona. But at first we have to wait for the first store to open. Maybe the next store will open its doors in Granada or Jerez.

  • Andalucia looking for tourists in low season

    MaroThis week the Junta de Andalucía has launched a new promotional campaign to attract tourists from both the rest of Spain and other European countries during autumn and winter to improve figures for the low season. The campaign in Spain consists of four-day promotions staged in shopping centres in Valencia, Madrid, Zaragoza, Barcelona and Lejona (Vizcaya) where shoppers will be invited on a virtual tour of the attractions of Andalucía. (more…)